Admin Services

Admin Services 


AcceServ is a corporate secretarial in Singapore. We provide admin services on company act, documentation, payroll, accounting and company annual returns.


AcceServ Services 

AcceServ help company run their paper work occurred from their daily operation. Our services on simple admin work can be answering of phone call, taking memo and maintaining files. Our service on professional admin work can be taxation, accounting services, payroll, and general meeting documents.

Admin Services

Small Business Help

AcceServ discovered that some SME business owners need help in their daily business operation. From a business survey done, some SME business departments do not have a full time employee to support their daily operation. These business owner usually have limited resources on such department. Reason can be due to unnecessary employment or waste of resources on such hiring. Despite the unnecessary, such a short fall on manpower can be a stressful process to these business owner. It in directly created more jobs to the business owner in order to cut cost.


AcceServ understand the reason for these unnecessary headcount. But we still would like to help these business owner to free out their precious time. Hence in AcceServ, we offered ad-hoc admin services to all our clients catered their request or business needs. AcceServ will try to help these business needs by outsourcing all additional to our admin services or accounting staffing. AcceServ will discuss with all our clients on the needs and support during their course of business.

How can we help?

Acceserv Pte.Limited is always here to provide you with more information or answer any questions you may have and create a custom solution for your corporate needs.

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